70% better performance

You can benefit from the Thermex collector in both new installations and for prolonging the life time of existing systems.

The full length of the borehole is used

Since the outer sleeve is watertight, it can be filled with water all the way up to ground surface level, making it possible to use the complete length of the borehole for heat exchange.

Maximum heat exchange

The outer sleeve of the Thermex-collector is tight against the borehole wall along the whole length of the borehole giving maximum heat exchange between the fluid in the borehole and the surrounding ground.

Minimal loss of pressure

The Thermex collector makes optimal use of the volume of the borehole with low pressure loss as a consequence.

Isolating design

The Thermex collector isolates the warm flow of liquid from the colder. Warm water flows upwards through the center pipe - or vice versa if needed. The air-filled space between the two center pipes isolates the warmer liquid from the colder eliminating so called thermal shunt flow.

Simplified permit process

Since the Thermex collector is tightly applied against the wall of the borehole there is no risk for negative cross effects on the ground water, which simplifies the permit granting process.

No grouting needed

No borehole grouting with bentonite, concrete of similar is needed. The outer sleeve of the Thermex collector is tight against the wall of the borehole.

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