The Thermex

A patented, co-axial energy collector offering clear advantages and a clearly environmental profile compared to conventional solutions.
The Thermex collector is a product developed in Sweden to meet an increased demand for better collectors for use within the geoenergy application. The design enables a more efficient extraction of heat by approximately 70%, which brings great advantages compared to conventional collectors. The product also has clear environmental advantages.

The last decades have seen heating pumps and other equipment within this application being improved and developed while the collector more or less has remained the same for the past 30 years. The Thermex-collector is the first real initiative to bring development also of this product forward.

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The Thermex collector is a unique solution that allows a more efficient extraction of the energy that is stored in the ground and thus it gives a faster return on investment.
  • 70% higher efficiency in extracting heat or cold from the borehole
  • Utilizes the complete length of the borehole
  • Hot and cold waterflow are separated from each other - the thermal shut flow is close to zero
  • Less or no need for anti-freezers
  • Simplifies the permit process
  • Cost efficient alternative to refill with bentonite or cement
  • Patented design

The Thermex U

Thermex Plus - 100˚C+

Finally a geoenergy probe for temperatures over 100˚C!
Thermex Plus is a traditional type of geoenergy probe, based on a multilayer pipe suitable for higher temperatures.The pipe can thus be used for storing heat from recucled cooling water and other high temperature applications. Thanks to the protective inner and outer layers, Thermex Plus tolerates very high temperatures. Available in standard dimensions. .

Thermex Protect - Full protection against permeation

Relable permeation protection for geoenergy probes containing anti-frost fluidsl
Thermex Protect features an inner layer of EVOH, a material tried and tested to protect from permeation of hazardous substances in the petroleum industry. Proven permeation protection technology may improve chances to get a permit for installation in areas with elevated protection of water supply or similar. Available in standard dimensions.

Thermex Top - Increase efficiency of traditional probes

Decrease loss in traditional probes - easily and at a low cost.
Avoid thermal cross-effects where they cause the highest losses: on the returning pipe neareast to the ground surface. Install a Thermex insulated pipe in place of the traditional pipe on the return pipe. Simply join a suitable length of the double, insulated pipe onto your usual prope pipe and install as usual.

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